Supply Lists



Please replenish school supplies throughout the year for your child.
































-Back pack– It needs to be big enough to fit the 1 inche binder.

-3 white t-shirts (your child's size)

-1 pair Fiskar scissors

-1 pack of 24 of Crayola Twist-Up crayons

-5 large glue sticks– (Elmer’s last the longest (orange top))

-1 small school box


-1 one-inch 3 ring binder with clear front pocket


-1 pack of Crayola washable markers ("Classic" colors)

-1 subject 70 sheet spiral notebook

-3 folders with prongs and pockets inside

-Clorox Wipes

-baby wipes

-1 package assorted construction paper

Boys also bring:

Hand sanitizer

1 box sandwich-sized Ziploc bags

Girls also bring:


Liquid soap


1st Grade

1 folder with pockets

1 box of crayons or twist-ups (no more than 24 count, regular colors)

2 packs of glue sticks


scissors (not plastic)

one 1"-sized 3 ring binder with a clear front

School box (We suggest the Rubbermaid Take Along Large Rectangle size.)

Washable markers

small white dry erase marker board (9x12)

Dry erase markers

2 composition notebooks

copy paper

1 white t-shirt (in your child's size)

1 white pillowcase

*1st Grade Wish List

Clorox wipes

liquid hand soap

hand sanitizer

box of Kleenex


baby wipes

Ziplock bags quart-sized

Ziplock bags gallon-sized

*These items are greatly appreciated!